the sky is, apparently, on fire.

Good evening.

So this is my first post with Blogger. Thought I'd give it a shot considering I like to blog but my old blog was irritating and getting to the point where it reminds me of my past. So it's time for a change as well as a new beginning.

That's pretty much how I've been feeling about everything in my life lately. A New Beginning. With school, and friends, and well, everything. "Friends" is the main reason. It takes hurtful event after hurtful event for me to realize that certain people are just not worth my time anymore. I get to frustrated and worked up over it so screw it.

I live in Brooklyn now which is far away from my past, maybe not geographically but, most importantly, mentally. I have good friends here to keep me occupied on the lonely aspect, even though I do not get lonely very often. I'm easily content with being alone, and most times prefer it. I also have my school work which takes up most of my free time, as well as my part time job, an oh so proud employee of that greedy coorporation retail business known as Barnes & Noble.

Well I've already written more than intended. I guess that just proves how much goes on in my head. Though I am...not bored...but unoccupied tonight. While the boyfriend and his roommates are in Astoria at band practice, I, the girlfriend, get to enjoy a stress free evening at his apartment enjoying his cable TV and computer, both of which I lack at my place.

Oh, but I've discovered that Young Frankenstein is playing on TV Land. I swear if I was of the same age, and ever met him, I would probably try and pursue marriage with Gene Wilder. Which reminds me, I've recently invested in Haunted Honeymoon, probably my favorite movie of all time.

If you've never seen it, I recommend that you do.

I think I'm going to try and write less from now on..

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