So about a month and a half ago I had a mole removed on my chest for a biopsy. About three weeks later I started to develop what I thought was a pimple on the left side of my neck. After unsuccessfully popping it, it grew bigger and harder, and once I saw the black color on the inside of it, I started to realize this was not a pimple. 
So I then concluded that aliens were growing inside of me.
I contemplated going to the emergency room, but since I had an return appointment at the dermatologist the following Tuesday, I figured I'd just wait. 

I did however, document the little fucker.
This is how it looked a majority of the time (underneath a band-aid of course!):

This is the night before it exploded:

and this is right after it exploded:

When I went to the dermatologist that Tuesday, only to have four more moles removed, he told me it was an infection from the first biopsy. Wonderful. But he put me on antibiotics so hopefully it won't happen again. 
bottom line - no aliens.!

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